May Update

I seriously have to figure out how to work with this website because, whoa, WordPress changed everything.

As usual, I’m starting with my usual litany of apologies. I always seem to be saying sorry, and that’s what I told my PhD advisor, and she just sighed. 2021 continues to be a challenging year, and my PhD studies are not yet done. I’m glad to report that I’ve successfully passed my comprehensive exams and did my dissertation proposal meeting. I’m nearer to the end than I’ve ever been, but I still have a while to go. Still hoping to graduate sometime in 2021.

I’m dealing with some serious stuff at the moment, but then again so is everyone!

Now onto this update.

As you guys know, I haven’t been a productive writing machine because of this and that reason (i.e. PhD, COVID, life). But I do want to tell you guys that I’ve been very seriously checking out Kindle Vella. It’s an Amazon serial type – almost like Fictionpress, really! But you pay tokens to read chapters. I’m also checking out Radish and thinking about trying to apply to write there. Also considering Wattpad.

A lot of my older stories were written online, and they seem to fit the serial chapter type, so that’s why I’ve been thinking about Kindle Vella/Radish/Wattpad/etc. I have been perusing book covers and looking at self-publishing once again.

I will be finishing up The Only Reason, although I’m afraid there might be one more Adrian and Alex story. That couple will never leave me alone! LOL.

I’m really seriously pondering rewriting Against All Odds (or rather, editing and making it stronger, yet still keeping the humor and angst). I’ve been rereading AAO in the last few days, and oh boy, my love for the story came back. Why did I never write a sequel? I loved that story, truly.

I’ve also been rereading Abide With Me, and my love just re-ignited. I loved that story so much … and well, you see where this is going!

I have some newer stories that I have never debuted in the ye old days of Fictionpress, and I’m excited to see what you guys will make of them. I have more new ideas in the pipeline, but they have to wait until I can get a hang of my schedule and make it so that you guys don’t have to wait anymore.

18 thoughts on “May Update

  1. I can’t wait to read the Only Reason! I read your book as a teenager and nearing thirty I can’t wait to read it again!

  2. i would love to be able to reread against all odds! my high school best friend and i were obsessed. please do release it!!

  3. I read all your stories when I was an impressionable teenager. They were fantastic and they left a mark on me (especially all your protagonists from Black Sun and Rome series) . It’s been some 15-20 odd years now but I still periodically check in on your online haunts to see how things are going and whether you may republish your original works. I applaud your perseverance and sincerely hope to see your old and new works published in some form. What a wonderful hit of nolstagia to be able to revisit your old writings, but also how wonderful it will be to read now material from you. Cheering you on silently from the sidelines x

    1. Ooo, Black Sun and Rome… don’t look, but I did start rewriting Fallen Sun since I think it’d be pretty amazing to see them self-pubbed, although without L.J. Smith’s supernatural universe rules. I’d have to change these rules into mine, tho.

      Will self-pub AAO, Redux, and TSWAQ for sure. AWM will eventually follow.

  4. I would love to see more of your books, Abide with Me is probably one of my all time favorite fiction press stories and Trouble with a Q is up there too.

    Hopefully it all goes well with your Ph.D, that’s amazing that you’re almost done!

    1. Getting there and I think I’ll be done within a couple months or so XD

      Yessss. AWM is probably actually THE favorite story, if not in the top three. That’ll definitely get self-pubbed.

  5. So glad I found this note! I was just thinking about Fictionpress the other day and about your stories in particular and how much I wish this whole plagiarism wave hadn’t happened so I could have reread your stories every year. I did purchase the Reason and Romance book 1 and reread it from time to time but I miss so many of your other works such as Mating Habits of the Rich and Petty which I never see as much but I was a huge fan of! I know you probably won’t make them available anymore but I would love love love to see it again, in a rewritten version or the old version itself. I just have a huge soft spot for it and think your writing style is great and your stories had me so hooked that I credit them for being fluent in English.
    This is a mess of a review but basically, I loved your work, I’m happy I found this blog and I’m hopeful to see more of your work in future.

    1. Ooh, MHPP. You know, I was just thinking of that the other day. I mean, I’d have to rewrite some parts of it, but I love how friendship is the central theme of that story. I will have to think on that some more because MHPP is one of my works that didn’t get a lot of attention like AAO, but still, I love it.

  6. Please also consider publishing the original Reason & Romance. I loved that version so much. Redux is amazing the way it is, but it was also nice to read about a different version of Adrian and her journey. She was a completely different character and it felt like such a different story – which is why I appreciate both. I also loved how much more complicated and messy that version was – with Jason, the religion aspect, Stephanie Frost, Adrian’s friends, her dealing with her mother’s legacy, confronting her father, etc. Even if you didn’t do a complete rewrite (since I thought it was perfect anyways), it would be nice to reread it again!

    1. That is actually a thought. I probably wouldn’t publish the original RR with the same character names since that’d get messy. I’d probably change the character names to … I don’t know, Amanda and Austin or something like that.

  7. BTW, not to be greedy, but posting all your old fics on Wattpad/Vella/etc. would not be a bad idea at all! I know that there are so many people (including me) who were big fans of your original fics – even the non-River Valley fics – that would love to the chance to read them again.

    1. I am really thinking very hard about Wattpad! After doing some research, I’ve eliminated Vella, but Wattpad remains a huge one.

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