Long Overdue Update!

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while since I last posted here, and I completely blame my silence on my PhD studies. The good news is, I finished my research study. My dissertation has been written, rewritten, revised, edited, and formatted. It’s been turned in to my advisor and my committee.

The bad news is, I still haven’t defended yet. Due to this and that circumstance, my defense keeps getting postponed, much to my chagrin. Hopefully I get to defend within a few weeks, and then after I complete my post-dissertation edits, I’m finally done.

When they said the PhD journey was a marathon, they were not kidding!

Now onto this very long post:

I will be publishing again!

1. Unfortunately, since it’s been so long since I first published RR, all of my self-publishing knowledge is old and outdated. I need to learn all of this again.

2. Once I have all of that knowledge, I will be self-publishing on a steady and continuous schedule, one that you readers can count on. That was my mistake – starting my PhD and thinking I could do both. You readers deserve my best.

3. I’ve gradually learned that I just need to be less control-freak-ish about writing. No, my stories aren’t 100% what I want them to be, but that’s the thing, you always keep improving. At some point, you need to let go and put your stories out there.

This means…

1. “The Only Reason” will not be coming out because I will be withdrawing the currently published “Reason and Romance.”

2. I am going to replace the current published version with my Redux version of RR. For you readers who know what that means, yes, that is the popular Fictionpress version that so many of you loved.

3. Essentially, it means RR will be replaced by a complete version. No more splitting into two books.

4. I’ll edit the Redux version – getting rid of some outdated references, clunky sentences, all of that, but it’ll still be the same version.

I am aware this decision might be controversial. I am so, so, so, so sorry for having done this to you all. I am truly apologetic that you have had to wait so long for the second half. My mistake was splitting the book into two and thinking that I HAD to rewrite the whole book, just because I thought that’s what writers had to do. The Redux version is what you loved, and that’s what I should have published in the first place.

The good news is:

1. Redux (which will still retain the name RR) will be getting a new, pretty book cover! The current book cover is a bit dark and gloomy, but the story is fun and snarky, and I want to lean into that.

2. Yes, this means TSWAQ will follow shortly after Redux! TSWAQ = “Trouble Starts with a Q.” As in, just about my favorite male lead Quentin Maxwell and female lead Devon Kim.

3. I’ve even found the perfect book model for Devon. It will be so great to see an actual Korean female girl on the front cover. I can’t wait!

I can’t take RR down now because if I do so, Amazon may not allow me to swap it out for Redux. Some self-published authors have had to confront the nightmare of Amazon thinking they were plagiarists. So I will need Redux ready to go when I swap it out for RR.

I am seriously considering publishing “Against All Odds” first since it is a standalone. Once I get AAO, Redux, and TSWAQ out, I can focus on writing brand-new stories (for some of you who know, this refers to my New Adult college story Joya and my witch family saga Winterhaven and others). I am particularly anxious to launch my college romance/drama series.

Let me know what you think!

May Update

I seriously have to figure out how to work with this website because, whoa, WordPress changed everything.

As usual, I’m starting with my usual litany of apologies. I always seem to be saying sorry, and that’s what I told my PhD advisor, and she just sighed. 2021 continues to be a challenging year, and my PhD studies are not yet done. I’m glad to report that I’ve successfully passed my comprehensive exams and did my dissertation proposal meeting. I’m nearer to the end than I’ve ever been, but I still have a while to go. Still hoping to graduate sometime in 2021.

I’m dealing with some serious stuff at the moment, but then again so is everyone!

Now onto this update.

As you guys know, I haven’t been a productive writing machine because of this and that reason (i.e. PhD, COVID, life). But I do want to tell you guys that I’ve been very seriously checking out Kindle Vella. It’s an Amazon serial type – almost like Fictionpress, really! But you pay tokens to read chapters. I’m also checking out Radish and thinking about trying to apply to write there. Also considering Wattpad.

A lot of my older stories were written online, and they seem to fit the serial chapter type, so that’s why I’ve been thinking about Kindle Vella/Radish/Wattpad/etc. I have been perusing book covers and looking at self-publishing once again.

I will be finishing up The Only Reason, although I’m afraid there might be one more Adrian and Alex story. That couple will never leave me alone! LOL.

I’m really seriously pondering rewriting Against All Odds (or rather, editing and making it stronger, yet still keeping the humor and angst). I’ve been rereading AAO in the last few days, and oh boy, my love for the story came back. Why did I never write a sequel? I loved that story, truly.

I’ve also been rereading Abide With Me, and my love just re-ignited. I loved that story so much … and well, you see where this is going!

I have some newer stories that I have never debuted in the ye old days of Fictionpress, and I’m excited to see what you guys will make of them. I have more new ideas in the pipeline, but they have to wait until I can get a hang of my schedule and make it so that you guys don’t have to wait anymore.

Merry Christmas! Life Update!


So, guys, I’ve been promising to explain my very LONG disappearance from writing. I really left you guys hanging, and I am SO SO SO sorry. Let me explain! 🙂

I think some of you guys know I taught at an inner city public high school. More to the point, I taught Special Education, and I loved my job. I thought I was a good teacher, and I genuinely LOVED my students. I didn’t win any state awards or anything like that, but the recognition and the affection from my students made it so much more awesome. When you work in Special Ed, you develop closer teaching relationships with the students because you see them everyday, and you know all about their lives. You get to meet their parents, families, and so on.

There was a LOT of workplace drama (administration drama that eventually spilled over to us teachers and staff and students alike). It went on for three years. We were all constantly tense because in that time, two superintendents-and-presidents got fired/resigned, one principal resigned, etc. Heck, for months, we didn’t know who to report to! They also replaced our curriculum and all of that. Added new state guidelines, school guidelines, blah blah. So many teachers quit and retired, and we were down to nearly half of our original size. I was doing the work of 3 teachers, if not more.

I was pulling 60-80 hours of work every week. Teaching, prepping, tutoring, what have you. My health suffered, and I gained a lot of weight, and I would go to bed and wake up and think about work. I fell out of touch with friends and I gave up on writing, reading, exercising, all of those things that made me happy.

My family called an intervention. They said, “Look. You are having a nervous breakdown. Stop this.”

I fought them. I said that I was doing FINE and that I was just being a bad teacher. I’d figure it out and make things right and okay again. Well, it took me a few months to accept that I could not, and that I was not a bad person.

So I turned in my resignation at the end of the school year (recent May), and cried when I spoke with my wonderful boss and colleagues. Nearly broke down when I told my students that I wasn’t coming back. I am now getting my Ph.D in Special Education and now embarking on my four-year journey for that Ph.D degree.


I’m teaching two classes in exchange for my full-time scholarship and stipend and TA pay. In short, I’m going to school for pretty much free, and getting paid for it. And I’m being a full-time student learning about things that I love and want to learn more. I’m still dealing with students, although they’re hearing this time. Not deaf. I’m still in touch with my former students – the graduated ones, at least, since it would be inappropriate for me to contact my younger students until they’re 18/graduated.

And I’m writing again!

I seriously felt that my Muse had died and I had no more creativity left. The burnout destroyed my creativity to the point that I truly felt empty. I had forgotten how to enjoy life. I forgot how to smile. In fact, that’s what my mother said to me. “You’re smiling again!”

Now I’m feeling that enthusiasm. I’m dreaming about my characters again, wondering what kind of troubles they’re getting into.

I hope you guys will understand and forgive, and join me for my renewed writing journey! 🙂 I have so much more writing to share, and I hope you guys will be here. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, happy holidays!


My deepest apologies. I haven’t been able to update this website, due to some really weird website hosting issues. I finally had to ask my computer genius friend to help me out, and finally I’m able to get onto this site!

More details will be forthcoming in the next few days, and I promise to keep you guys updated. That’s a promise I intend to keep, and if I don’t, kick me 🙂 I will be replying to your questions and comments soon.

Thank you so much for your infinite patience!


Confession time!

I know people have been wondering and wondering about the release date for THE ONLY REASON.

See, I suck at maintaining a work-life balance. Without quite realizing it, I kept taking on more and more work responsibilities and staying longer hours, in addition to my regular job. I worked 60+ hours every week and didn’t say no too often. I’d get to bed past midnight and then get up at 6:30 AM to start all over again.

It all came to a head last week when I almost broke down in sobs. I had made myself physically sick from working (until then, I didn’t realize that could happen!).

I am now effectively in the process of gradually shedding the “extra” hours and scheduling an actual vacation and clearing my schedule, so I can actually FINISH the book.

I already have a fair chunk of the book done. More than half, actually. I just need TIME to finish it in a few weeks, and then I’ll be able to edit/proofread and get the ball rolling on the ebook cover, book summary, etc. I also want to get my website design up and running.

Please have a little patience with me … I WILL get the book done! ♥♥♥

A Note

A reader named Leila sent this message to me, and since she wanted to get the word out, I’m reposting her words here on my blog 🙂



As a passionate writer
I soon become tired
When I receive messages
Of that my work was stolen

If you cannot think of your own ideas
Spend the time and dedication
Put the passion forward
Then you are not a writer

You can copy and paste
But then many authors will just erase
Their work they gave their heart to
All because of you

You think stealing harms no one
But writers get fed up in the long run
It’s not morally right to claim one’s work as your own
But they still do it anyways

*Note to plagiarizers: Don’t do it.*


REASON AND ROMANCE releases in a few hours (or maybe it’s already released in the timezone that you guys are in), and all I have to say is … I’m deeply thankful and scared XD Happy, nervous, worried, thankful … and yes, thankful for the third time!

In the back of the book I have my Acknowledgments, but it’s worth saying it here. When I was young, I knew I loved writing because I’d always get excited over paper and notebooks. I loved writing and scribbling stories. I loved typing my stories on the computer. I loved sharing them with my friends, classmates, and teachers, but it wasn’t until I discovered fanfiction online that I thought I should share my stories with the greater public.

I think I got only 3 responses for my first story, but I was so happy that I didn’t care. There were moments of frustration, but many, many, many moments of sheer joy and bliss that comes from creating a story universe and characters. My writing wasn’t that good, but I had fun 🙂 Eventually, that led me to Fictionpress and original fiction.

And eventually…

Fictionpress was an utter blast. It’s easy to forget how great the first few years were, because of the ugly plagiarism toward the end, but I truly loved writing and sharing there. I met some of you guys there, and without your wonderful comments, feedback, and criticism, I would not be here today.

The plagiarism nearly did my writing in, and I came very close to quitting, but, no, you guys reminded me why I loved writing. I’ve gone through many ups and downs with my writing over the years, and yet you guys are here.

We are finally here. REASON AND ROMANCE comes out, and I hope this is only the first book in a succession of books yet to come. I will do my very best to bring out my older stories that you guys loved as well as newer stories. I am a writer, and I will always write, but you guys are here, and that truly helps to inspire my writing.



The release date is December 9, 2014!

For Amazon: Kindle preorder link.

For Google: Google Play preorder link

For Smashwords: preorder link here!

(Smashwords will distribute to BN, Kobo, Apple, etc.)

If things go well after publishing REASON AND ROMANCE and THE ONLY REASON, I will be rewriting, editing, revising, and self-publishing Quentin’s story after the Reason duology. And, yes, Grant’s story too, although it’ll only be a long novella. And then we can talk about the possibility of brand-new, full-length River Valley stories 🙂 However, I haven’t forgotten my other stories, I promise! I have missed all of my old stories and characters, and I would be more than thrilled to revisit these stories and make them even better.